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Your guests deserve a good night of sleep

A good night's sleep is crucial to a positive guest experience. Hotel connecting room Doors allow too much noise to transfer to the adjoining room. Quiet Connector dramatically reduces noise transfer and guest complaints.

A very simple way to have quiet rooms for your guests


I worked for over 20 years in the hospitality industry in the vacation/leisure, business and family activity type of hotels.  One item remained constant, guests in rooms with connecting doors were a significant source of guest complaints.  Frequent Business Travelers would immediately refuse any connecting room.  I tried different types of weatherstripping and foams with little effect.  With the growing amount of online reviews it became evident action was needed to protect the reputation of the hotel.  A sound diffusing product was designed to fit in between the connecting doors on guestrooms.   Once installed our complaints went from 3 or 4 per week to 3 or 4 per YEAR!!  There is no gluing or fastening involved.  the product is simply placed between the doors and when they are closed the sound reduction is amazing.  Guests go from hearing every word made by the TV or neighboring guest to barely knowing the TV is on due to the high level of muffling occurring.  

Better Survey Scores


Survey Scores are the mechanism to get you to the top of the page on Hotel Searches your guests rely on for booking.

Guest Satisfaction


Your guest satisfaction will go up with a better night of sleep preventing the loss of revenue through discounts and refunds for unhappy guests.


Check out this short video that shows Quiet Connector in action.

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